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If you are looking for world changing, environmental innovation in polyethylene products, Enzymoplast® has the answer! Providing a range of certified eco-friendly products it has established itself as a market leader in enzyme technology for polyethylene.

Enzymoplast® is a trademark of Advanced Enzyme Science Limited, a polymer technology company based in the UK. It has developed the only non bioplastic material which has achieved compostable status, certified to EN 13432 standard.

Products benefitting from using this technology are end-user high volume items, which have a limited life cycle, such as all types packaging, carrier bags, golf tees, tree wraps and so on.

Enzymoplast® products are biodegradable and compostable making them eco-friendly.


our mission & vision

Polymers and plastics can possibly be classed as one of man's best innovations this century, a very important material due to its properties with many hundreds of cost effective applications for both industry and everyday life.

It is virtually impossible to imagine life without this wonder material, and yet we cannot sustain its use at the level we do today. At AESL we are committed to using nature itself to neutralise the harmful after effects of this wonder material at end of life. With the use of our IP and bio-technology we have a programme to develop further uses to tackle the pollution issues related to other synthetic materials both during and post production processes.

"To protect and make our environment safer for future generations using nature itself to cure a man made problem. We solve a big environmental problem by using our enzyme technology to make polyethylene biodegradable and compostable".

Environmental Audit

Enzymoplast submits evidence to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee

In light of the fierce debate surrounding the Governments recent announcement that a 5p levy will be charged from October 2015 in England on all single use PE carrier bags obtained from Retailers with over 250 employees, Enzymoplast has submitted evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee for its biodegradable and recyclable solution for plastic carrier bags.

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spare a few minutes?

Watch our presentation to learn about our commitment to innovation and protecting the environment. We've also featured a short movie by Chris Jordan which shows the impact of plastic waste on wildlife.


About 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year, according to Vincent Cobb, founder of reuseablebags.com.

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