Our solution is our Enzo range of industrial flexible packaging Masterbatches, which can be used for the production of many types of PE based plastics. The loading of the Masterbatch is the key to the performance of the end product. Products recommended by Enzymoplast® enzyme technology are end-user high volume items, which have a limited life cycle, such as all types packaging, golf tees, tree wraps etc., the only limitation is the imagination

product range

Masterbatch Code Description Application
ENZO0001 Enzymoplast Standard Composting Grade
ENZO0002 Enzymoplast Temperate Composting Grade
ENZO0003 Enzymoplast Vegan Composting Grade
ENZO0900 Enzymoplast Biodegradation Biodegradation Grade


Applicable to any type of plastic bag
Caddy Liners
Garbage Bags
Mulching Films

technical data sheets

Download ENZO0900 »
Download ENZO0001 »


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Watch our presentation to learn about our commitment to innovation and protecting the environment. We've also featured a short movie by Chris Jordan which shows the impact of plastic waste on wildlife.


Australians were using nearly 7 billion bags a year, and nearly 1.2 billion bags a year were being passed out free in Ireland before government restrictions, according to government estimates.

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